Tool for teaching children the basics of programming, logic and mathematics without  the use of a screen device

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Remote-desk for installing the program, program blocks, robot and the result of code execution.

What's going on?

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Today's children are interested in computer games and electronic devices from an early age and learn quickly.
Most parents understand the importance of information technology for their children's successful education and obtaining an in-demand profession in the future.
But parents are concerned about balancing their children's learning and their health.
Early screen exposure has been associated with lower cognitive abilities and academic performance in later years. 
Programme for International Student Assessment’s (PISA)  2022 Results (Volume I)
Early screen exposure has been associated with lower cognitive abilities and academic performance in later years. Programme for International Student Assessment’s (PISA)  2022 Results (Volume I)
The use of devices with screens for games and education of young children causes
  • psychological disorders,
  • addiction to the virtual world - gaming addiction,
  • deterioration of vision and physical health.

What's it for?

A game-tool to teaching children from 4 years old the basics of programming, logic and mathematics without the use of electronic devices with screens.
In simple words, it is a tool for teaching children in a playful and visual form the concepts of numbers, left turns, right turns, algorithms, logic, programming basics, arithmetic operations, negative and random numbers, progressions and geometry.
  • multifunctionality, pedagogical universality
  • the appeal of the learning process for children
  • without screens electronic devices
  • from 4+ years old to elementary school
  • natural body case materials
  • innovative technical solution based on NFC technology
The main purpose of training is to enhance cognitive abilities through the materialization and visual representation of programming processes, understanding the meaning of their results.

How does it work?

This is a short video - a presentation of 6 minutes (En & Fr subtitles available), they will fly by quickly and interestingly, will all drive, draw and show-tell about the functionality, turn on the sound :)
Video preview
Video presentation of the complex functionality. (En, Fr, Sp, Pt, It subtitles) →
Video preview
Mathematical drawing using variable change and negative numbers.
Video preview
Mathematical drawing of the heart.
See more video at YouTube channel here →

Who is it for?

It is clear that it is for children. They use it in the process of playing, but in fact it is a flexible tool for the teacher, which allows through the game tasks in passing to teach a variety of subjects: from mathematics and programming to physics, history, geography, and is limited only by the skill and imagination of the teacher.
The child gets a mathematical and algorithmic base, it's a preparation for school and the first step before mastering Scratch, Logo or Minecraft programming on the computer.
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An example of the result of executing a program to draw a spiral using dynamic variable increment in a loop.

What is it now?

PrimaSTEM is our attempt to make something that people need, that is tangible and beautiful. Now we are looking for partners to launch the project in France and are working on attracting investments, opening an office and production in the EU. We are ready for cooperation and partnership.
I'll answer the question "How much is it, where do I buy it?" right away. We are not selling now, "Just showing" :) You can sign up for the newsletter about the release of a retail batch or the start of crowdfunding here -
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